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Natural Sponges

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The Philippines is one of the most gifted countries in the world when it comes to ocean riches. Being a group of more than 7,000 islands, marine life is so diverse. Thus one of the riches that our seas keep is the naturally growing sea sponges.

Our company seek Philippine waters where these normally grow and we work with local fishermen to harvest with the permission of their local government. Aside from their livelihood on fishing, these fishermen get another source of income   through sea sponge harvesting. We are responsibly in check by not using not fully grown sea sponges and fishermen are directed not to uproot the whole body but by cutting then on the stem so as to leave another sponge to grow.


Our country is major player in the sea sponge industry. Where as the Aegean, Mediterranean and the Caribbean are famous for their sea sponges, Philippine seas' are well known too especially in Japan, South Korea and other rich Asian countries that see the undeniable benefits of natural sponges.

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