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   Pippon International is a company that engages in the business of crafts and products made of indigenous materials. Since the company is established here in the Philippines which is rich in natural resources, it has the pleasure of using varieties of seashells, woods, as well as coconuts for it's products. Their craftspeople who are experienced for decades are simply creative to come up with items that are functional yet are pleasant in form. 


      The company does business responsibly by not touching species that are on demand yet are endangered.


     Pippon International riding on the wave of internet marketing, paved the way for the company to talk to big wholesale companies overseas resulting into closed deals on shipment of different types of Philippines crafts. Because of this, the company was able to serve other buyers from Japan, Australia and Europe too.

About Us


Pacaña St.,Tisa, Cebu City 6000,Cebu,Philippines
Contact. Nos. : (+6332) 340-9820 

                             (+63956) 225-2851

                             (+63928) 406-0851



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