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At Pippon International, we believe in creating beautiful and unique products that are made with natural materials from the ocean and coconuts. Our range of products are hand-crafted with love and care, and are perfect for adding an extra special touch to any home. We strive to ensure that our products are made with sustainable practices and are of the highest quality. 

We hope you enjoy browsing our products and that you find something that speaks to you.

Shell Beads  &  Components

Shell Beads  &  Components

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Craft beautiful jewelry with real seashell beads - add a bit of ocean charm to your style.

from Pippon !

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We are wholesaler   shipping to   natural  craft lovers worldwide.

Over 600
natural crafts and products     on this
site and  growing !

Our coconut scrubber is our company's simple contribution to the environment. It is all natural. It's made from coconut husks. The fibers are softened but kept strong. It is effective in removing sole and heel dirt. Its wedgy cut is good in cleaning between toes. Nail dirt are not spared as well.

Cowrie Etching

Shell Boxes

Shell &
bone pendants

Coco Husk Carvings

Pippon International offers multiple products that uses natural materials in general. We therefore have the ability to offer these materials in its natural, original or very raw form. Philippines has acres upon acres of forest lands that are haven of oriental and exotic plants perfect for crafts people's needs.

Carved Shell Pendants


All the   sheen   and   lustre     ...carved    shells   reveal   under

Imagination at work.

Scallops    turned  to bright eyed owl!

Pippon international offers bags that are hand woven. Since these are not machine made, there are no two bags that are exactly the same. What's more? We use dried grasses as main material that's why it is very eco-friendly. And we wont miss to mention bags made from coconut shells.

Pandan Bags  & more!

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Simple natural crafts...simply  by Pippon

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